We spent a day on either end of the trip exploring Casablanca. Casablanca is a large city with somewhere between 3 and 6 million inhabitants. It is more polluted and dirty than the other cities we visited. Casablanca is located on the Atlantic ocean, and it does have large stretches of beaches, but they seem to be more for the locals than for vacationing tourists. The coast towards Agadir is more of a resort area.

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The day we arrived in Morocco there happened to be a surfing competition on the beach Pretty obvious what this is, no matter what the language. This shot shows the ever-narrowing streets in the medina. Hey look, satellite dishes!
Part of the produce market in the medina. Good looking produce, but lots of garbage on the ground. And look, satellite dishes. A water-seller in the medina. Typical street in Casablanca. The Petit Taxi's are red here. The ubiquitous satellite dishes and laundry hanging out to dry. The traffic lights are often set too far back from the intersection for you to see when they change. People count on those behind them honking to let them know the light changed..
This is the more modern part of Casablanca. The shot was taken from the roof of our car rental place. You can see its a large modern city These are the beautiful walled grounds of the church Bob and his family attend. Mounted police on the beach
This is the view out the window from Bob's house. Bob lives in l'Oasis quarter, which is a nice part of town. Houses all have little walled compounds with locking gates. The train station near Bob's house. We walked here to catch a train to the airport at the end of our visit. This is also where you catch the Marrakech Express. Hassan II mosque. Which our guide-book calls the 3rd largest religious monument in the world. Its very high minaret can be seen from all over Casablanca.
A fountain at the Hassan II mosque. The city is in front and to the left. And the ocean is behind us. Another beautiful fountain at the Hassan II mosque Ornate walls at the Hassan II mosque
This is Jinn and Sarah from Great Britain. We met them on our last day in Casablanca. We had been out shopping in the Habous and had gotten hungry. They helped us figure out how to purchase some camel meat and have a guy cook it up on the spot for us. It was tasty! Royal Air Maroc. Our flights to and from Casablanca were pleasant.  

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