The pass across the Atlas mountains was a great drive. A good quality road, with scenic views and plenty of fun turns and switchbacks. Throughout our trip we used radios for car-to-car communication. This helped is coordinate when to stop for photo opportunities, bathroom breaks, etc.

Back to Marrakech Southern Cities, along the base of the Atlas.
This was so typical of our week. We often encountered flocks of sheep along the sides of the roads. The car in front is Bob's rental car, and the white car is Matt's rental car. There is a lot of beauty in the Atlas Mountains This is Nabil, Bob's Moroccan friend, who was a great help to us on our trip. There is a mountain community behind Nabil, on the left.
One of many little shops we saw as we crossed the mountains. We stopped at one of these and bought some little stone boxes. Many of the little communities we passed had these white squares on buildings. The squares are pre-designated places for political advertisements and announcements. OK sometimes it was goats, not sheep, along the sides of the roads. I was amazed I didn't see any road kill all week.
Another mountain community. I was surprised to see the satellite dish here. With these traditional mud brick buildings, the only way to tell that you are looking at a modern picture is if there is a car in the driveway, or a dish on the roof. Another typical mountain scene We like mountains..
In the middle of nowhere, another place with a satellite dish! This amazed me. I happened to look down a hill when we were stopped to look at some souvenirs and use a WC, and I saw what appeared to be a soccer field in the middle of nowhere. With kids playing on it. Note also the waterfall behind and to the right. The terracing seemed pretty neat here.
A large beautiful oasis between Erfoud and Er Rachidia Another shot of this long impressive Oasis. This reminded me of Maryland's Sideling Hill
Pretty, swoopy mountains.    

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