Inside Passage

Much of the transportation the BC coastal region is by sea or air, so there are lots of sea planes like this one at the Port Hardy Airport. Sea plane Port McNeill harbor. Fishing boats
Boarding Tom's water taxi for the ride to our first camp. Camp 1, on Compton Island.
Sandy stalking squirting clams
  A familiar sight, Warren with camera. Our first paddle of the trip.
Our head guide, Luke.   A floating cabin.
View from the top of Compton Island. The group relaxing on our hike. This boat is the Spirit Bear, the Northern Lights charter boat.
If you look closely, you can see a faded indian pictoglyph of the legendary cannibal chief.    Tides in the passage can be 15 feet.  This rock is submerged at high tide.
  Abandoned buildings on Village Island. See for history.  
Luke giving us a history lesson An old fallen totem pole.  
  Sandy at the Blackfish Cafe, our camp kitchen.  
Waiting out the fog so we can cross the channel.    
  We saw lots of eagles on the trip.  
Lunch time "extreme" Bocci Ball Not a bad view for lunch time. Laurel leading story time in camp.
These starfish can grow to over 3 feet in diameter.   Still life with sea urchin #1
Still Life with Sea Urchin, #2 The Inside Passage is a busy cruise ship route. A "culturally modified tree". Natives would harvest individual planks from cedar trees, leaving the rest of the tree intact. This is one such tree.
Most of the group on one of our hikes. Maris, Gar, and Luke are back at the camp having a nice close whale encounter. A thick bed of comfy moss. So soft you just wanted to lay down and sleep on it.
Bananas slugs in love. Laurel does the "starfish dance"  
Lunch is served! The kayaks were nice and stable. A CRAZY huge private yacht. Note the helicopter, and the 40 foot or so sailboat on the side of the ship. We've since found out this was the Tatoosh, one of Paul Allen's 3 mega yachts. (this is the medium sized one)
Our camp on Compton Island. Photo courtesy of Taylor. Another one of Taylor's shots. Note how clear the water is.  

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