Andy and Sandy Hit the Track

We haven't done any real racing, but we've both been able to get out onto the track. In fact, all four of our cars, (Eagle Talon, Toyota Celica, and Ford Explorer, BMW M3) have been on a race track. (Ok, not necessarily at speed). I've taken several performance driving classes from a great outfit called Track Time, including a stock car driving school at Michigan International Speedway. I've recently replaced my Talon with the M3, and am looking forward to logging lots of track miles with it. Sandy has taken rides at speed with instructors at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, Putnam Park, and Michigan International Speedway.

A prospective team was doing a hospitality event trying to drum up sponsor interest. Sandy got to sit in their car.
Sandy getting out after her ride at MIS. (Complete with helmet hair and a perma-grin)
Andy getting ready to take to the track for the first time in an honest to god former Winston Cup car.
Andy going through the Carousel at Mid Ohio in his 1991 Eagle Talon. TSi. Lots of body roll before my suspension upgrade.
putnam park grid On the grid at Putnam Park.
putnam park dead bear Dead Bear (turn 8) at Putnam Park
Jim Shoemaker, a blur A friend of mine, Jim Shoemaker. A blur at the Putnam Park start /finish line.
Mid Ohio Carousel in my M3
Mid Ohio
Mid Ohio, Madness (top of the Esses)
Mid Ohio, Entry to turn 11

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