1999 Devil's Staircase Hillclimb

The Dayton Motorcycle Club puts on an annual hillclimb in Oregonia Ohio. The 1999 event was the 51st anniversary race. We aren't huge motorcycle fans, and neither of us were drunk, wearing leather, or had any tattoos, so Sandy and I were in the minority at the event. But it was pretty fun, and had some interesting sights.

The event is always the second weekend in October.

The race course This is the race course. You can either stand next to the course (look out for out of control racers) or watch from the opposite hill. You can see the stair steps on the hill.
Riders try to pick the best rut to start in at the bottom of the hill. There was quite a bit of rain in the days before this years race, so it was a sloppy race. the start
rider Because the race was wet, I think the bikes caught less air on the stair steps than usual.
A rider crossing the finish line at the top. The winning time was just 9.205 seconds. Not all riders made it to the top, and some of the ones that did took 18 seconds and longer. finish line
cat fight Like I said, it was an interesting crowd. These two ladies had the crowd cheering more loudly for their mud wrestling than they were for the race.
The police broke up the commotion after a short while, and the wrestlers were apparently best of friends after the fact. cat fight

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