Digital Unix: Disk management commands

Disk  Level commands
disklabel Displays or modifies disk partitioning
/dev/MAKEDEV create /dev device files
newfs Create a new UFS file system on a disk partition
Advanced File System (AdvFS)
AdvFS is a file system technology that is a replacement for the standard "Unix File System" (ufs).  It has several improvements such as journaling, improved quotas, and disk groups. The journaled or logging file system similar to "jfs" in AIX  or the journaled file system available in Solaris using Online Disksuite.  Journaled file systems are more resistant to file system corruption and are much faster to check after a system crash.
chfile Changes the attributes of a file
chfsets Changes the attributes of a fileset
chvol Changes the attributes of a volume
mkfdmn Creates a file domain
mkfset Creates a fileset within a domain
renamefset Renames an existing fileset
rmfset removes a fileset form a file domain
showfdmn displays the attributes of a file domain
showfile displays the attributes of a file
showfsets displays the attributes of  filesets in a file domain
vdump performs incremental backups
vrestore restores files from a vdump
vquota edits user and group quotas
vquotacheck checks filesystem quota consistency
vquotaon  turns quotas on
vquotaoff turns quotas off
vrepqouta summarizes quotas for a filesystem

Logical Storage Manager (LSM)
There is a certain amount of overlap between AdvFS with Polycenter and the logical storage manager.  Both of these pieces of software allow concatenated disk volumes and allow multiple "volumes" per "volume group".   But LSM provides striping and mirroring as well.  One way to think about it is that LSM operates at the "device" level, and leaves the "filesystem" implementation up to other software, such as "AdvFS" or "UFS".
dxlsm  GUI for managing LSM
voldiskadm Menu driven command interface for managing LSM
volassist perform general admin commands on a logical volume
volmake create subdisk, plex, and volume records
volume modify attributes or status of existing volumes
volplex modify attributes or status of existing plexes
volsd modify attributes or status of existing subdisks
volrecover restart or recover mirrored volumes
voledit modify volume records
voldg Performs basic administration on disk groups, such as creating new disk groups and adding members to an existing group.
voldisk Performs basic disk level administartion such as initializing and replacing disks.
volprint Display LSM configuration.