The Genders

Straight outta Tel Aviv, it's The Genders. Tired of the same old rock and roll cliches from your local bands? How about a little something from Israel? The Genders play a tight show with great stage presence. They are a Ramones and New York Dolls influenced band, but with a different perspective on life and rock. Songs with Middle Eastern themes like "Rockin in Ramallah", "Dome of the Rock", "Army Girl", "Virgin No. 72", and "Assasination Fascination" mix with more typical rock themes on "Gender Bender", "High Heals", an "Mammary Glands". They do periodically tour the US, so you don't have to brave suicide bus bombers to see them. Dayton has been lucky enough to host them several times now. We've seen them in 2005, 2006, 2007, and this tour caught them in Dayton, Columbus, and Baltimore. Their currnet lineup is Amir Neubach, guitar and vocals, Orr Kahlon, drums and vocals, Ofer Korichoner, guitar, Gal Meirson, Bass/vocals. (Former members include Nahi Ninyo, guitar, Tanny Clapsaddle, bass and vocals.) For the straight dope, check out

The Pearl, Dayton 2007 Columbus 2007 The Sidebar, Baltimore 2007

The Pearl, Dayton 2006
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