The Slickee Boys!

The Slickee Boys are an obscure Surf / Psychedelic / Punk band from the Washington DC area who performed frequently in the late 70s and the 80s. Unfortunately, they only perform a few shows a year now, typically around Christmas and New Years. We caught their show in Dec 2000 at the 8x10 Club in Baltimore. It was a great time!

This isn't a complete discography of theirs... It is only what I have on vinyl or CD, one album I know I am missing is Cybernetic Dreams of Pi.

At least two of their albums were released on CD, Here To Stay, and Live at Last. Their vinyl and CDs are sometimes available on Vinyl and Lead, a web site that sells albums from a variety of DC bands, including Date Bait, Kim Kane's current project.

Here to Stay Uh Oh... No Breaks!
Wanktones - Have a ball Y'all
Fashionably Late Live At Last
Band Photo