Fashionably Late

Fashionably Late was released in 1988 on the French New Rose label. It contained all new material and had a smoother, more mainstream sound to it. While it doesn't have the manic intensity of "Brain" or the goofiness of "Glendora", it does have intelligent catchy lyrics with songs like "Sleepless nights" and "Droppin off to sleep", which are still lively enough to work the crowd into sweaty frenzy in concert.

The Line up: Marshall Keith- Lead Guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboards, marvox, backing vocals; Kim Kane - rhythm guitar, kimaphone, rude noises, vocals; John Chumbris - bass guitar, rhythm guitar, keyboards, backing vocals; Dan Palenski - Drums, backing vocals, tambourine; Giles Cook - Drums; Mark Noone - Vocals.

Fashionably Late album cover